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Les Roches : Les Roches International School of Hotel Management prepares international students committed to a career in the service industries for success. Its model hospitality education programs balance theory with practice, independent learning with strong faculty support, and a foundation for lifelong learning with the skills for immediate employment and progress to leadership positions in the industry. Through international sites the Les Roches model of education is accessible to students throughout the world.

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Glion : The Glion Institute of Higher Education offers management-focused programmes for the hospitality and other service industries. With an emphasis on both didactic and craft-based learning, GIHE is European in its outlook, Swiss in its work ethos, and multi-national in its student body. All programmes emphasize the development of generic thinking skills, the understanding of contemporary management theory, and the integration of theory and practice. The "Glion spirit" and GIHE's academic programmes prepare for rapid progress to managerial positions.

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Les Elfes : Les Elfesprovides a perfect mix of education and recreation through international travel, helping students become more balanced, open and insightful world citizens. Designed for students from all corners of the world, our Les Elfes Camps in Verbier Switzerland and Whistler Canada offer unique and enriching experiences to children aged 8 to 18.